Publishing Strategy Consultation

Publishing is tricky today. It’s getting harder and harder to get a traditional publishing deal because the industry has contracted so much and few editors and “legacy” publishers are taking risks on authors who aren’t on TV shows or don’t have 100,000 Twitter followers. And then even if you do successfully pursue the traditional publishing route, is your book big enough to get sustained marketing and sales support from your publisher or will you be designated to the dreaded “midlist” author category? On the other hand, opportunity abounds. Some writers who self-publish are having big-time success, and cool new self-publishing companies that handle everything from copy-editing and cover design to marketing and distribution are popping up right and left. So should you self-publish?

How do you figure out the best path for you? I was an editor at three major publishers and have had my own literary agency for ten years, so I have a pretty good feel for how things are changing and can offer guidance on what your best options are. If you hire me as your publishing consultant, you will get a seasoned and highly opinionated publishing partner to help steer your decision whether to opt for the traditional publishing route or self-publishing.