Over the past ten years, I’ve had the good fortune to help dozens of authors get book deals with top publishers, large and small, and many of their books have reached the New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists, been nominated for prestigious prizes, and been included in many year-end “Best of” lists. Moreover, I’ve negotiated a number of TV/film options for my clients.

As an agent, I am always on the lookout for important new voices that have something unique and important to contribute to our world. My main areas of focus are topical and narrative nonfiction, including current events, history, biography, memoir, science, business, health, psychology and popular culture. I also represent some commercial and accessible literary fiction but do not represent poetry, plays, screenplays, or books for children.

If you think you have a project I’d want to represent for commission to traditional publishers, I’d love to receive a formal query from you. In your query, try to be as succinct and clear as possible and limit your query to one page in the body of the email. Tell me why your project is so important, timely, and salable and why you are the only author with the right credentials to write it. Convince me to ask you to send me more.

Please email your query to or use the contact form of this website. Please use the word “query” in the subject line and be advised that any query with an attachment will not be opened.